Interview With Charlotte Gerber (A Cat Taught Me That, Humor)

A Cat Taught Me That Cover



In your own words, please describe your book.  

My latest book, A Cat Taught Me That, is a tongue-in-cheek account of lessons that I’ve learned from my cats over the years.  I’ve included lots of photographs of my cats, as well as tips from one of my recent rescues, Awesome Louie.   I recruited my teenage daughter to create the cat illustrations that are found throughout the book.  I came up with the idea for the book when I was trying to think of ways to help out a local no-kill animal shelter to raise funds for their operational costs.


What genre/genres does your book fall under?  Humor and inspiration.


Is this book part of a series?  No


What was the inspiration behind your book?  

I’ve had a life-long love affair with cats.  I currently have nine cats that run the gamut from Siamese to Maine Coons.  All of them have unique personalities, and I’ve learned quite a few lessons from watching and caring for them.  They have provided me with endless hours of entertainment, and a few hours of heartache as well.


What led you into writing? Was it a lifelong ambition, or the result of some type of turning point in your life?  

A little of both.  I’ve been writing and entering writing contests since I was in grade school.  I won my first writing contest in sixth grade; the grand prize was a ream of paper.  I also won an essay contest in high school, and the grand prize was a French Alpine goat.  I was a writer for my high school newspaper, a feature writer for my college newspaper, and was the college yearbook editor.  However, I also loved studying criminology and psychology in addition to writing.   I temporarily turned my attention to a career in criminology after college, but when I became permanently disabled I turned my attention back to writing.  Now I write full time.


So far, what has been the greatest moment in your writing career?

The greatest moment of my writing career so far is being compared to other writers that I admire.  I’ve been compared to Janet Evanovich and Charlaine Harris, which keeps me motivated to continue writing.  My goal is to have my books on the same shelf with them some day!


Are you self-published or published through a small-press? Can you tell our readers what led up to that and your publishing experience?

I’m self published because I like being in control of my projects.  I enjoy writing, marketing, and promoting my books. With self publishing you keep more of the profit and retain control of the sales channels and marketing efforts. After the first 30 days your book still has a chance to find its’ audience if it is self published.  If a traditionally published novel doesn’t do well in its first month, the books quickly end up in a bin at a dollar store.

I’m not against traditional publishing, but those wheels move very slowly.   In addition, things have changed so much in the publishing industry that writers have to assume much of the responsibility of marketing and promoting their books, even if they are traditionally published.  Unfortunately, they don’t receive any more of the profit for doing so.


What are you working on now?

I have several projects going on right now, which may sound insane, but I have a lot of interests.  All of the projects are in various stages, with a few nearing completion by the end of this year.  I’m completing two books in my Rose Lee’s Zombie Adventures series, which I’ve had a lot of fun writing.  I’m focusing on completing them first because my fans have been patiently waiting for the next installment in the series, Zombie Asylum, for almost a year.


In your own words, please tell us about yourself.

I’m very determined, loyal, inquisitive, and have a sarcastic sense of humor.  I love animals, my family, and spend a fair amount of time supporting my friends and family that serve in the military.  I would love to spend more time outdoors, but I’m allergic to the sun.  I make up for it by having all of my porches crammed full of plants.  When I’m not sleeping, I’m writing and drinking entirely too much dark-roast coffee.


What are some of your likes and dislikes?

I love dark chocolate, a good glass of semi-sweet white wine, Cadillacs, and watching old-fashioned murder mysteries on TV.  I dislike trolls on the Internet, green beans, cell phones, and people who drive slowly in the passing lane on the highway.


How can readers connect with you?

Readers can hang out with me on Twitter @gerberink or on my website at  If you enjoy cat humor and photos you can follow my cat on Twitter @Awesome_Louie – I help him write his tweets since he doesn’t have opposable thumbs.


Tell us one thing about yourself that we wouldn’t know?

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus.  For a long time I didn’t share this with my readers, but then I met some fans who also suffer with these diseases when I was writing a disability column at  I would like to inspire others not to give up, even when things seem hopeless.  If you give up too early you won’t see the great things that may be right around the corner.


If there was one thing you could tell your readers, what would it be?

Life is short, so don’t waste your time trying to please everyone, especially when it comes to your career.  Trust me, it will wear you out!  Instead, find your passion in life, fine tune it, and embrace it.  Do what you love and the money will follow.


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