Interview With Author Desiree Broussard: (Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine, Paranormal Romance)


In your own words, please describe your book.

Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine is actually an entire series – with each book (or part) being a new episode. I consider it the literary version of a television show. Instead of watching it on TV, readers read it on their Kindles.

With that being said, these books are set in the future. Keely lives in futuristic Earth, after society as we know it has collapsed. Humans have had it rough, and there are now two types of people – rich or poor. The rich rule the world, there the only ones that can afford things like electricity, food, and medical care. The poor survive the best way they can, and many of them have died from the plagues.

In Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine, the vampires live on a planet called Legionnaire. Over the centuries, they have watched Earth, even being so bold as to sneak on our planet. When our civilization falls, they decide to make their move. Late one night, they strike a deal with Earth’s leaders….  And a bargain is struck. Each month, they will be supplied with women to take back to Legionnaire in exchange for leaving Earth alone, but if the humans should back out, there would be war of epic proportions.

So part one is the story of one woman’s journey into Legionnaire as a concubine and the series is what she does with her life once she’s there.

What genre/genres does your book fall under?

Vampire Romance/Paranormal Romance

Is this book part of a series?

Yes! Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine is the name of the series.

What was the inspiration behind your book?

I think a lot of women like men that have an edge, you know, the guys that just seem dangerous. Eventually, this evolved into vampires for me.  Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine is all about a strong and attractive woman that finds herself in a world full of handsome vampire’s. Nearly immediately, she finds herself wanted by two very powerful men…. And I would say that was my inspiration! I wanted to create a world full of excitement, danger, and romance, and place this lucky female right in the middle of it. In Legionnaire, the stakes are high.

What led you into writing? Was it a lifelong ambition, or the result of some type of turning point in your life?

In the back of my mind, I’d always wanted to write, but it never seemed to work out, at least on novels. I’ve spent a great many years in the writing field, though. Little did I know that this would be excellent experience. When Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine sprang to life, it happened pretty quickly.  The characters have literally taken on a life of their own, and believe me, it has been a wild ride.

So far, what has been the greatest moment in your writing career?

I can answer this one easily! The greatest moment has been seeing the episodes on the bestseller list on Amazon! It thrills me that so many enjoy the world of Legionnaire.

Are you self-published or published through a small-press? Can you tell our readers what led up to that and your publishing experience?

I’m completely self-published. In fact, I never did consider traditional publishing. Maybe I’m just too impatient, but I couldn’t imagine waiting a year for my book to be published.

What are you working on now?

Part three will be releasing this week, but I’m currently working on the episode after that.

In your own words, please tell us about yourself.

I’m just your average female,  really.

What are some of your likes and dislikes?

I love horror movies and romance. I dislike bad drivers and never ending workdays!

How can readers connect with you?


Tell us one thing about yourself that we wouldn’t know?

I tasted alligator meat one time. It wasn’t my thing!

If there was one thing you could tell your readers, what would it be?

Taken: The Vampire’s Concubine is not for the weak of heart. Keely has just entered into a world where people survive off of blood. They are bringing females from Earth to Legionnaire in an attempt to avoid extinction. This series can have some dark moments. Romantically, it’s highly-charged, but there are some grim moments, too. So strap yourself in and be prepared!

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