Interview With Author Elizabeth Los (Second on the Right, Fantasy)



What is the genre?
Fantasy, full of pirates, sword fights and adventure… oh, and a little romance.

What inspired you to write this book? The story had been churning in my head after I saw Disney’s Peter Pan years and years and years… um, anyway, it was a while back. There had to be a back story to Captain Hook. What motivated him to go after Peter? What pushed him to seek revenge? Was it really the loss of his right hand, or was there more to the story?

Will this book be a standalone or part of a series?
This is a standalone. I’ve had some ask if I will continue on with Captain Benedict. As fun of a character and pirate as he is, I have no plans at the moment.

What message would you like to convey with this book?
I wrote Second on the Right to be a fun read, no hard thinking required. However, after distributing my book, some reviewers have mentioned to me that there are lessons that could be gleaned from parts of the book. I’d prefer the reader to take from it what they will, rather than my answers here dictate that for them.

What books are similar to this one?
Peter Pan, aka The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up, aka Peter and Wendy

Where can readers find your book?
Barnes & Noble

Can you tell us some about the writer behind the book?
A mother with an active imagination! I really enjoying imaging how the characters would react in different situations. When I find a scene that I believe fits, I write it out. It’s almost as if I’m watching it play out on screen and I’m merely dictating.

Tell us one thing about you we wouldn’t know?
My favorite color is blue.

What has been the best moment in your writing career?
I’m in the infant stages of a writing career. I’ve been at this particular story for four years, but I know other authors who’ve been at it for a lot longer. I’ve been writing informally since grade school, but wasn’t really serious about it until several years back.

How do you come up with the titles of your book?
Second on the Right wasn’t my original idea for the title, but it was the one that seemed to make the most sense. Every once in a while, someone will ask, “Isn’t it Second STAR on the right?” I remind them the word “star” was added in the Disney movie. I wanted to give a nod to J.M. Barrie, the author and creator of these characters.

How long does it take you to finish a novel?
Years…so many years. I hate that it takes so long, but it really is necessary. If I rush the publication, the novel is a mess and I hate offering a substandard product.

How can readers connect with you?
My blog is a great way. I am usually able to respond to comments. Facebook is another good place, but not as much as comments on my blog.

What are you working on now?
I’m setting up a series of novels. They will be paranormal mysteries, each with it’s own “villain”, but also a series arc. With Second on the Right released, I’ll be able to focus more time to finish up the first book in the series.

Do you have any other books already released?  
I have short stories. One was published in the Sanitarium magazine, but now is available for free on Smashwords. Again, they are meant to be fun reads and was merely a way for me to experiment with other genres. Another short story on Sleep Paralysis is to be included in an upcoming Of Water and Words anthology. I believe that is scheduled for a July 2014 release.

You can find the stories here:


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  1. Thanks for posting and for your support of Indie authors! Feel free to ask me any other questions. I was hoping to witness a grunion run this weekend, but alas, they are “scheduled” for next weekend.

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