Interview With Author J.W. Baccaro (Guiding The Blue Flame, Epic Fantasy)



In your own words, please describe your book….

The “Guardian Series” is an epic/dark fantasy consisting of five installments. This tale has plenty of action, suspense, mysticism, romantic elements and a philosophy, so to speak, that many of us can identify with in regards to life’s journey. The five books in the series are as follows:
“Guiding the Blue Flame” (Book One)
“Crossing Forbidden Lines” (Book Two)
“The Coming of the Light” (Book Three)
“Sons of Fire” (Book Four)
“Piercing the Darkness” (Book Five)
When we read the first book “Guiding the Blue Flame,” we are introduced to the protagonist Darshun as a young child. He’s about to be sacrificed by the Cullach—a warring boar-like race who have just annihilated the great city of Loreladia. They wish to give a “Victory/Blood Offering” to their deities of darkness (although there is another reason for little Darshun’s sacrifice, but I do not wish to give away spoilers).  Darshun is rescued by two members of the nearly extinct Nasharin warrior race, Mirabel Luthais (who becomes his adoptive father), and Seth Caelen (who will be called an Uncle).

As time passes, Darshun not only learns the ancient arts of the Nasharin, but many supernatural and mysterious events begin to unfold around him. It is later learned that Darshun may be the fulfillment to an old prophecy. If the Elders are correct, then Darshun will be the one to stand triumph against Abaddon the Demon Lord in the Second Great War. That war has already begun.

When it comes to creatures, Nasharins are the main focus and definitely the most exciting! They are half-wizard/half-human hybrid warriors who love battle and crave energy, thirsting for it much like a vampire thirsts for blood. Nasharins are also feared by the Dark, but because of their untimely origin, and the deed that gave rise to them, the Light hates their very being. They are considered “the Accursed Race.”

What separates a Nasharin from most other creatures is its unique ability of Transformation—what each individual evolves into, controlled by will: an essence of extravagant power and beautified form most warriors cannot fathom. And at the same time, ironically, this power is used for the good of the earth, a factor those high among the Light often overlook.

To elaborate a little more, the story is mainly focused on Darshun Luthais. He is Nasharin, one of the last of his race, hungry for battle and eager to advance his Nasharin skills. At the same time, he is a happy-go-lucky kind of individual; quite in-tune with nature and the simple things of life, especially a good feast! But after witnessing a prophetic vision, and also the tragedy of his closest friend, he comes to learn that he is the fulfillment of an old forgotten prophecy, the Prophecy of the Guardian, the one who is said to bring about salvation to the earth, as it struggles to survive the war launched by Abaddon the Demon Lord—an adversary long thought to be deceased.

After the Earth-Wizard Olchemy reveals the prophecy to Darshun, proclaiming how it is spoken about him, Darshun must seek out the four Wizard Crystals of the Elements (sacred weapons of immense power once used by the ancient Guardians of earth). His task is to locate the crystals and destroy them before the ruthless Cullach find them first, only to hand them over to the Demon Lord for the Light’s destruction.

But Darshun’s true crisis lies against himself in the fact that he is called to be this “Guardian,” for Darshun not only has to walk the valley of darkness, but according to prophecy, he must surpass many trials, tribulations and tragedies, where if he fails, the world falls, as he had already witnessed in his vision. It is a heavy burden because of the closeness Darshun has to nature, and the inexperience he has to life. In time he begins to despair, growing all the more vulnerable to the evil forces that long to drag his soul into darkness. And meeting the lovely Lady Aurora and falling in love for the first time does not help his chances of success.

What is the genre?

I would call it a combination of Dark and Epic Fantasy. Also Coming of Age Fantasy.

What inspired you to write this book?

After finishing Tolkien’s “The Return of the King.” During the next few years there were a lot of other elements that inspired me as well, like Octavia Butler, Joey W Hill, Susan Cooper and especially Akira Toriyama.

Will this book be a standalone or part of a series?

“Guiding the Blue Flame” is book one in this series of five installments.

What message would you like to convey with this book?
Most definitely!  My stories are fantasy, but any one of us can relate to the situations the characters have to face.  There are examples of how selfish pride and mega-ego almost always lead to unhappiness and destruction.  There’re examples of forgiveness, “Forgiveness is stronger than vengeance; love more powerful than anger.” And one of my favorite scenes is when Darshun has just found out about his mission and all he sees is doom and gloom. His adopted father says some beautiful words to him in the following passages from Guiding the Blue Flame:
“This world is beautiful,” Darshun spoke quietly, “look at the sky. It glows with passion. To think I once took life for granted. Now its fate is in my hands? I don’t know if I can do this alone, Father.”
“You’re not alone. We will be with you every step of the way. Besides, all of us have a part to play in this.”
Darshun sat up, facing him. “But it is I alone who am entrusted with this crystal.” He held out the silver necklace. “It responds to no other. You heard Olchemy—if I fail, the world falls. Father, I witnessed the end of the world through this crystal. I saw thousands of people die and the landscapes of earth igniting in fire. So vivid—so real it felt—I couldn’t live with myself if I fail, not even in the afterlife, my soul would linger in sorrow and darkness for eternity. I don’t want to carry this world. I do not want that responsibility over my shoulders. This all just seems like one colossal test. I don’t even understand half of Olchemy’s words! A demon lord—a dark crystal? A couple of dragon gods and an unholy altar? What do these things even mean! And how am I to confront such evil powers and defeat them?”
“By having faith in all that is good.”
“But why must I be the one to save the earth? Why must I be this ‘guardian?’ I didn’t ask for this. I want to have my own life!”
“Why is a question we all ask, my son. Why must evil exist in a world of such beauty? Why must pain, suffering and death be part of life? Why must the ones we love so dearly be taken from us? Perhaps these are questions we’re not meant to understand. Not in this life. But together we can face these trials and tribulations and move forward, realizing that every creature that longs for peace is worth fighting for.” He put his hand on Darshun’s shoulder. “Son, I would gladly take your place if it were in my power to do so. You know that.”
Darshun nodded.
“But I promise you this…I’ll be with you until my very last breath is gone, and I will share this burden and suffer with you, even if it brings me to the valley of death.”
Deeply sighing, tears in his eyes, Darshun turned to look at Mirabel. “Thank you, Father. I will do my best to end this crisis.”

What books are similar to this one?

The influences for my Guardian Series stem from Lord of the Rings, Dragonball Z, The Dark is Rising, and even the dark erotica Vampire Mistress novels of Joey W Hill, believe it or not. 

Where can readers find your book?

All five of them right at this link:

Tell us one thing about you we wouldn’t know?

I probably read more non-fiction than fiction. I’m heavily into Consciousness and Near-Death Experience studies.

How do you come up with the titles of your book?

The title for book one is “Guiding the Blue Flame.” This book tells about the upbringing of the protagonist Darshun. He is “guided” by his adopted father and sometimes his dear Uncle Seth.  “Blue Flame” might seem a bit odd for readers of only the first book because whenever Darshun goes into Transformation, his hair and eyes change to red, his skin fire opal and gem-like, and an aura of red flames surround his presence. However, “Blue” foreshadows the hidden power that lies within him.

How long does it take you to finish a novel?

Oh geez, depending on the type of story I’m writing, a longggggg time! I like to think about every scene, every learning lesson the characters experience, how it changes them for the good or even for the bad, etc.

How can readers connect with you?

Here are some links where readers can talk with me:


Blog site

What are you working on now?

I’m currently working on my sixth novel. It takes place half a century after my previous series ends. It’s a stand-alone book; however, it’s related to the Guardian Series.

Do you have any other books already released?

All five books in the Guardian Series are released and available at Amazon, in pdf editions for your kindle and/or computer. And only 99 cents! Again that link is:

Thanks for letting us interview you!

You’re welcome! 


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