Interview With Author Cheryl Persons (Following Your Heart, Contemporary Romance)


Cheryl Persons

In your own words, please describe your book….Following Your Heart is about getting to love, against all odds. There are many twists and turns that will make you want to stay connected with the characters and finally learn if love truly wins out.

What is the genre? Contemporary Romance

What inspired you to write this book? I love to read about love that can make it through anything and that is what I set out to write about. Plus, in my stories you will always get the wholesome story. They are suitable for all ages.

Will this book be a standalone or part of a series? This book is part of a series. The series has already been published and it is called Love Conquers All. There are four books in the series.

What message would you like to convey with this book? I want to convey that love is not always a fairy tale, BUT if you are meant to be together then it is worth the fight. Finding your soul mate is what true love is all about. I also hope that women will see that they can be strong and independent in their choices.

Where can readers find your book? Amazon is where I solely sell my books.

Can you tell us some about the writer behind the book? I love to read; which is the primary reason I started writing books. I feel that if there is a story to be told, I should not wait for someone else to do it. I work full time in a doctor’s office and I enjoy my job, but writing is what gives me the most pleasure.

Tell us one thing about you we wouldn’t know? I have one cat and I treat her as if she is my child.

What has been the best moment in your writing career? My best moment has definitely been self-publishing my first book on Amazon. I never dreamed that it was something that I could do, without going through all the red tape.

How do you come up with the titles of your book? I usually have a basis of what I want to write the story about, and then I will put down several ideas and keep removing one until I come up with the “perfect” title. I also, have been known to have a pool at my work, for them to vote on a title. My fellow employees love it.

How long does it take you to finish a novel? This book took me three years. I kept changing ideas about certain characters and I was a little nervous about hitting the publish button. Since then, I have been able to knock out a story in a few months.

How can readers connect with you? The easiest way to connect with me is to go through Goodreads. There you will see my blog and can keep in touch with upcoming books.

What are you working on now? I am currently working on a book titled Mistaken Identity. It will probably end up being my longest book to date.

Do you have any other books already released? Yes…

Love Conquers All Series

Following Your Heart

Mixing Business with Pleasure

Love from the Ashes

Forever Love

Christmas Proposal

Thanks for letting us interview you!


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