Interview With Author Kat Lieu (My Cup of Tea, Romantic Comedy)

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In your own words, please describe your book….

It’s as if Pride and Prejudice and Cake Boss had a baby—My Cup of Tea is a story about a nerdy baker named Sara who falls for a sexy badass rich boy, Ian. Unfortunately for Sara, Ian’s heart still belongs to his dead girlfriend, Sarah. Sara knows she can’t compete with Sarah. When Ian kisses Sara, who is he thinking of? Sara or Sarah?

What is the genre?
It’s not really young adult and it’s not erotic like the new adult romances that are so popular with readers these days. I’d say it’s a new adult romantic comedy.

What inspired you to write this book?

In 2006, I won third place in Seventeen Magazine’s Annual Fiction Contest. My winning entry, a short story titled “The Bike Ride” inspired the My Cup of Tea series.

Will this book be a standalone or part of a series?

My Cup of Tea, Summer of Love is the first volume of the My Cup of Tea Series. The summer story concludes in volume two, My Cup of Tea, Too. I intend to write Autumn, Winter, and Spring stories for this series.

What message would you like to convey with this book?
I see that sex sells nowadays. It’s always been the case with romance novels, but I want to publish new and young adult romantic fiction that doesn’t rely on sex to sell. I can write kiss scenes that are steamier than sex scenes, I promise.

What books are similar to this one?
Maid for Me and Maid for Me, Too, my other books. I would say Pride and Prejudice as well, as that story is my biggest inspiration.

Where can readers find your book?
Mainly on—check out my author’s site:

I also showcase my books on my personal website:

Can you tell us something about the writer behind the book?

I get so into character that I cry when my characters cry and laugh when they laugh. I’ve gotten depressed before when bad things happened to my characters. I take my frustration out on my poor husband, ack.

Tell us one thing about you we wouldn’t know?

I’m a doctor of physical therapy working in a human resources department. Sometimes I feel like I’m Toby from The Office (US version).

What has been the best moment in your writing career?
Self-publishing and realizing that I’ve sold over forty thousand copies of my e-books­. The happiest moment was when I was a teen, winning third place in Seventeen Magazine’s Annual Fiction Contest.

How do you come up with the titles of your book?

Truthfully, I suck at coming up with titles. I think I choose catchy phrases or quotes from my stories and turn them into titles.

How long does it take you to finish a novel?

I wrote my latest novella during my three-month long maternity leave whenever my son slept. Once in the past, I’ve written around thirty thousand words in two weeks. I don’t recommend power writing. You get crazy carpal tunnel and neck pain afterward.

How can readers connect with you?

I’ve received hundreds of fan mail from readers across the globe, from the Philippines to Dubai to the UK, USA, and of course Canada, my mother land. I welcome email from my readers at Also, follow me on

What are you working on now?
A young to new adult paranormal romance featuring one of my most popular characters, Jenna Moonlight. Google her

Do you have any other books already released?

Yes, the Maid for Me series.

Thanks for letting us interview you!
You’re welcome and thank you!


3 thoughts on “Interview With Author Kat Lieu (My Cup of Tea, Romantic Comedy)

  1. I read her novel, and I loved it!!! I’m waiting for tge second volume for this novel to be released. It was very enjoyable. I would recommend that a lot of readers read this novel. I highly dislike books that have too many sex scenes. This book is perfect the way Kat Lieu wrote it. Please don’t change your way of writing. You write perfectly the way you do. I absolutely loved your novel.™
    -Donna W. Archer

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