Interview With Isis Sousa (The XIIIth hour at Duskland, Dark Fantasy)



In your own words, please describe your book….

The XIIIth Hour at Duskland is an interesting short read for those who like Gothic and/or Surreal atmosphere. It has an unexpected twist and original narrative. Nothing is quite what it seems in the picturesque world of Duskland!

What is the genre?

This is a tricky question. This book fits within not one, but few genres: Dark Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Mystery and Gothic.

What inspired you to write this book?

It was a dream, literally. It was some kind of omen, if I can call it that way. I was there in this beautiful park within a village, strolling and observing the people of that place. Everything was beautiful and melancholic. I found out those people were all dead. In this park I also found an entrance to some kind of underground chamber and there was a tombstone. When I checked it closely, I read the name of a professional colleague of mine. I told him about the dream, asked him to be careful. He didn’t believe the dream and even joked about it. Sadly, he was murdered within a week. It happened about 10 years ago and it was a mind-blowing and unpleasant experience.

Will this book be a standalone or part of the series?

It is both – a stand-alone piece and part of a series. It has all the elements to be a stand-alone short story, but it is also the introduction to a series of 6 short stories. There is a bigger plot and each new short is a sequel of the previous. This way, the reader can unveil new mysteries, learn more about the characters and get surprised with the twisting final. The series “Stories of Duskland” will be out in the Spring 2014 and will be also heavily illustrated.

What message would you like to convey with this book?

This story can convey many messages, such as Life and Death are entwined, that one can find and love so deep in this world or the Other, that the end may trigger the beginning… and so on!

Can you tell us some about the writer behind the book?

I am an illustrator and Graphic Designer living in Norway. I am married and my husband and I both love Heavy Metal and hard Rock! \m/ I am Brazilian, have only one lovely brother and he is Black Belt in Karate. I have wonderful parents and parents-in-law. I love pets, especially cats, but I am allergic to them – not only the cats, but almost pets with fur and feathers. On my scarce free time, when I am not painting digitally or traditionally, I am doing handicrafts such as knitting and crochet and even wood-carving.

How can readers connect with you?

They can find me on GoodReads, BookLikes, Tumblr and Facebook.

What are you working on now?

I am finishing the illustrations for Stories of Duskland, and have already had the concept of a new story. This time it will be a novel, it is about the captain of a ship and his son. There is a mystery and many other intriguing things going on during their voyage from Brazil to Europe.

Do you have any other books already released?

I have my own art book published “Art of Isis Sousa and Guests” and recently a second art book, “Art Collab – Artistic Collaboration in the Digital Era”, just published around Christmas. This second one is focused on Creativity/Creative thinking and Inspiration for artists and art lovers. It shows the results of several art collaborations, a bunch of them I did together with some artist friends while others are done by other artists or teams. Both titles are published by Mad Artist Publishing and available on and

Thanks for letting us interview you!

Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂


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