Interview with Author Sherri Fulmer Moorer and Her Book, Splinter (Science Fiction)

Splinter COVER

In your own words, describe your book….
Splinter is the ultimate “if you could go back and change one thing, what would it be” scenario. The parallel universes actually give Leigh Lybrand, the protagonist, a glimpse of “what might have been,” and, of course, she wonders if she can change things through it.

What is the genre?
It’s a science fiction novel.

What inspired you to write this book?
Dealing with a tremendous amount of change in a short period of time. In 2010, I faced major transitions in my personal and professional life. My in-laws moved from 100 miles away to right next door, and three months later my job of 11 years transferred to a new department. I was completely overwhelmed, and naturally had some frustrations over my life being so radically changed by other peoples’ decisions. Although all things worked out for the better – that I’m happier than I was and that it’s better than I could have imagined – I had a lot of anger issues to work through. I often told people “I was mad at the world, so I killed it. Then I had to ponder if it was worth saving.”

Will this book be a standalone or part of the series?
It’s a standalone book. I’m not brave enough to try a series yet. My poor protagonists can’t take much more when I’m done with them!

What message would you like to convey with this book?
That it’s fine to wonder what might have been, but it’s only good if it gives you what you need to take action to make the future better. Yes, we need to understand the past, and how we got where we are. But we can’t be held back by it. We need to use that “historical knowledge” to make life better today, tomorrow, and every tomorrow after that.

What books are similar to this one?
I have to be honest and tell you that it has a similar thread to so many of the urban fantasy/sci-fi novels and movies that are on the market right now, and that surprises me. The apocalyptic theme wasn’t a big thing when I initially wrote this book for National Novel Writing Month in 2010. Vampires were a big thing then, and I thought I was on to something really unique. I guess I’m not the only one that had that idea, but in another way, it’s nice to be on the wave of something that seems to be a trend forming right now.

Where can readers find your book?
Splinter is available at:

Can you tell us some about the writer behind the book?
For all of the big adventures I write about, my life isn’t much different from that of my readers. I have a full time job in professional licensing for the State of South Carolina. I have a home, a husband, and three birds (two sun conures and a parakeet). We live on family land with near my parents, my brother and sister-in-law, and my in-laws (who I mentioned bought the house in this stretch of land in 2010). I love to read, watch movies, and hang out with family and friends. I also enjoy hiking when the weather is nicer and counted cross stitching when I have a chance which, sadly, isn’t often enough. My bank account is too empty and my schedule is too full, just like everybody else. People often ask me what inspires my novels, and I have to admit that the way everyday occurrences, themes, and issues grow into these big ideas amazes even me.

Tell us one thing about you we wouldn’t know?
I’m a borderline introvert/extrovert, which makes me a rare breed for writers. Most writers have a stereotype for being introverted, but people that know me would be the first to tell you that I can be rather bold (and in fact, my day job requires it). It makes for an interesting disparity. I often tell people that for a hermit living in the woods, I know an awful lot of people. And I guess that happens when you get out of the house.

How can readers connect with you?
I’m all over the Internet! The easiest way to find me is through my website.  I’m also at:
I’m working on a sci-fi novella titled Incursion. This one is also futuristic, but it has more of a political bend. It’s about a cargo ship from the Jovan system that stumbles upon a nuclear attack between two sectors. They retreat, but when they discover that a stranger carrier wave that started just prior to the attacks is affecting their neural chips, they must decide whether to obey orders and stay away, or return to figure out a cure.

Do you have any other books released? What is your next release?
Yes, I have released several other books that are available through, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords. Anywhere But Here and Quarantine are mystery titles. Blurry is a young adult mystery. Resonance is a horror piece. Battleground Earth – Living by Faith in a Pagan World and Feathered Frenzy – A Quick Guide to Adapting Birds Into Your Life are non-fiction pieces. Incursion is still in progress, and I don’t have publication plans for it right now, but I do plan to eventually publish it.

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