Grace Lost (Grace, Book 1) by M. Lauryl Lewis Zombies


In your own words, describe your book….
GRACE LOST is a zombie novel with a few twists. It follows a group of survivors when the dead rise overnight to consume the living.  Because of the suddenness of the apocalypse, the survivors are left without communication and without knowing the cause of the plague.  The living dead in GRACE LOST aren’t just shambling beings in search of brains.  It quickly becomes clear that there’s more than one type, and some are capable of organized hunts.  There’s also a paranormal twist when the main character becomes (presumably) infected herself, and manifests with a mental link to the dead.  It’s definitely intended for adult audiences since it has explicit sexual situations, graphic gore, and harsh language.

What is the genre?
It’s hard to pick just one.  When I first began writing Grace, I imagined it would be straight zombie horror.  It evolved from that to a unique combination of horror, dark fantasy, and erotic paranormal romance. Some people refer to it as Urban Fantasy.  However, since you’re asking me, I’d say it’s an erotic romance set in post-apocalyptic zombie horror.

What inspired you to write this book?
It was honestly a result of a random act of clumsiness. One day in March of 2012, I was outside feeding my chickens and I slipped in the snow.  If you’ve ever seen the movie “Misery” you’ll likely recall the hobbling scene where the poor guy’s ankles are broken?  That’s pretty much the motion my right ankle made as the rest of me went a different direction.  I was out of work for almost 6 months.  I figured if I was on my bum for that long why not sit down and try to write a book.  I have been a zombie fan since I was about three years old, so naturally I decided it’d need to include the living dead.

Will this book be a standalone or part of the series?
It’s part of a series, currently slotted for at least five books.  On order they are:  Grace Lost, Tainted Grace, Dark Grace, Fallen From Grace (due out by the end of this year), and Praying for Grace (due out in 2014).  Right now I’m leaving it open for more, but am imagining book five may be the last.  I don’t want the series to stretch out to a point where it becomes dull.

What message would you like to convey with this book?
My message tends to irritate some readers, to be frank.  I strive to make my characters realistic, which means making them flawed.  Zoe Kate, the main character, is young and naïve.  She is a loner with not much in the way of life experience.  She reacts to situations how I imagine others would, especially in the first days.  I know if I were faced with flesh eating zombies, I’d likely cry a lot too…and pee my pants!  Grace Lost introduces four major characters.  Each has issues of some sort.  They aren’t all beautiful, weapon-wielding superheroes.  So, my message is…”how would real people react in a situation that is unreal?”  I know lots of people want to enter a literary world of super-human heroes who magically know how to fire guns and wield samurai swords and kick zombie but.  And that’s totally ok.  Grace Lost, though, focuses on realistic people with realistic flaws who do realistic things.  How would people survive if the “world ends by zombie?”  Would their only focus be on slaying the living dead? Would they resort to falling in love and having sex, or just have sex without the love? Would they indulge in drugs and alcohol? Would they look out for themselves or for each other?

What books are similar to this one?
I think Grace Lost is pretty unique.  I’ve heard people compare it to The Walking Dead.  Authors who inspired me are Charlaine Harris (The Sookie Stackhouse series) and Rhiannon Frater (the As the World Dies series).  I’ve also been told that it’s delving into unchartered territory, combining erotic romance with horror.

Where can readers find your book?
It’s exclusive to Amazon at this time, in ebook and paperback.  However, if someone wants it for another e-reader I can send them a direct link if they contact me through my website.

Can you tell us some about the writer behind the book?

You bet! I could probably make up something really juicy or fun here but I’ll keep it real.   I’m in my late thirties.  I’m a mother of three little boys and a wife to a guy who is awesome. I’ve been a registered nurse for over 18 years and just started specializing n labor & delivery in the past 3 years.  I love raising chickens for fresh eggs.  My ideal vacation would be a week or two out camping.  Hawaii is pretty cool too, though.  I’m also an avid reader of sci fi and horror.
Tell us one thing about you we wouldn’t know?
I get horribly motion sick; car, sea, plane, floating bridges…snorkeling…  I also type with my two index fingers and my right thumb, exclusively. People say it’s quite a sight to see as I am super speedy!How can readers connect with you?

What are you working on now?
Right now I have four works in progress, but two are in the forefront.  FALLEN from GRACE (book 4 in the series) is my biggest priority.  I’m also working on a New Adult Romance called This Side of the Sun under my pen name, Blythe Santiago. in the background are a prequel novella for the Grace Series (The Dawn of Grace) and a haunted novel called Schiessl House.
Do you have any other books released? What is your next release?

Fallen from Grace is due for release just before Christmas!  Books 1-3 are all available at Amazon.


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